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Group Tours, Private Art Tours and Lectures
Group and private art tours of gallery and museum exhibitions, as well as visits to auction houses and artists' studios, provide education in various facets of art history and the art market. Custom- tailored lectures and presentations explore trends in the art market and the specifics of acquiring, investing in and caring for fine art.

Our business utilizes scholarship combined with an extensive knowledge of art market values to develop connoisseurship for the new and experienced collector.
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Private Tours and Lectures
Private Tours
Galleries and Museums
Private Tour: Galleries and Museums

Tour the esteemed galleries of 19th and 20th century art along 57th Street or tucked into townhouses on the Upper East Side, as well as destinations in Chelsea to view established and cutting-edge contemporary art. Discover changing exhibitions or learn about the permanent collections of such major museums as the Metropolitan and Solomon R. Guggenheim.
Auction Houses
Private Tour: Auction Houses

Visit Christie's or Sotheby's, the two major New York auction houses, to view upcoming sales and discuss the artworks on view as well as the process by which fine art is sold at auction.
Artist's Studios
Private Tour: Artistsí Studios

Meet working professional artists in their studios and engage in dialogue with them about their approach, ideology, materials and related subjects while viewing works in progress.
Custom Gallery and Museum Tours
Private Tour: Custom Gallery and Museum Tours

Suzanne Julig Art Advisory can develop gallery and museum art tours tailored to the needs of your group, whether they are trustees, alumni, potential donors, clients or corporate VIPs.
Custom Lectures and Presentations
Private Tour: Custom Lectures and Presentations

Suzanne Julig Art Advisory offers custom-tailored lectures and presentations to interested parties at corporations and non-profit organizations. Topics explored can include collecting art as a beginner, the differences between buying fine art at a gallery versus an auction house, and the consideration of quality, condition, rarity and questions of authenticity in the acquisition process.
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